About Me

Born and raised in Eastern Washington, I grew up chasing a wide range of wild game and fish with my family. Whether I was chasing Rocky Mountain elk in the Selkirk Mountains or angling for White Sturgeon on the Snake River, my calendar was never empty. Although I enjoy Washington's diverse hunting and fishing opportunities, nothing beats my passion for rifle mule deer hunting at deer camp with my family.

My videography excursion began back on Christmas of 2011 when I received an iPod Touch as a present. With this iPod Touch, I began to film my hobbies and uploaded them onto YouTube, mainly consisting of my backyard chickens. The ability to retain and share memories with others lit a fire to expand my content beyond my small backyard farm. Shortly after, I began filming my hunting and fishing trips. 

In 2016, I created my actual "Outdoor" YouTube channel, Samong Outdoors, which has content that emphasizes hunting and fishing rather than my other hobbies, like raising chickens. This decision has opened numerous opportunities that I could have only dreamt about. To be able to create content as a living is nothing short of miraculous, and I will never take that for granted. Currently, I am a full-time content creator on YouTube.

Above all of this, Jesus Christ is still my greatest treasure. For in Christ, I have everything; outside of Him, I have nothing. He is my friend and Savior — the Light of the World. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.